24.feb.2017 Rotterdam, NL

Oxploration Days

Internal Oxyma hackathon about artificial intelligence and bots

Oxyma Exploration Days

We're in this together!

The Oxyma Exploration Days are a new Oxyma Group initiative where we work together, hackathon style, to bring ideas and concepts to reality in one day. Starting as an internal Oxyma Group event, including aFrogleap, Oogst and YourSocial, the goal in the long run is to make this a public event. You sign up for working a full day in a small team on ideas and concepts submitted by you or your team members.

This edition was themed Artificial Intelligence and Bots. We wanted to create a showcase for showing what's possible when you combine a group of people and with the goal to explore this theme.

The people & what they created


This is truly an AI piece of art. The Jukebot team hooked up a Raspberry Pi to a camera and created an algorithm that scanned the room and counted the number of people and their activity level. Useless you say? Ha! They actually used crowd activty to modify the music in the room. How's that for crowd control!

Jan Ripke Oxyma Rotterdam
Roeland van der Lelie Oxyma Rotterdam
Ruud van Luijk Oxyma Rotterdam
Carola van der Markt Oxyma Rotterdam
Neo Cheung aFrogleap

Please (don't) go

Ever been to a party only to find out the crowd isn't your thing? Well, no more! This app lets you scan a parties attendees beforehand. Based on your preferences and attendee facebook profiles this app mixes and matches parties and venues you should attend.

Source code

Kevin Kriek Oxyma Rotterdam
Martijn Ketting Oxyma Rotterdam
Frank Crezee Oxyma Rotterdam
Jos Westerkamp Oxyma Rotterdam
Fatima El Yahyaoui Oxyma Rotterdam
Ragna Jansen YourSocial

What's for dinner?

This voice controlled Amazon Alexa skill takes the contents of your fridge and suggests a dinner recipe based on ingredients that have the shortest time to expire. It does not just tells you what to cook but also sends you on errands for things missing in the fridge.

Source code

Paul Rysiavets aFrogleap
Martijn Heerema Oogst
Nick Valstar Oxyma Rotterdam
Cheryl Powel Oxyma Rotterdam
Daantje van Gent aFrogleap
Peter de Rouw Oxyma Rotterdam
Wieke Boonstra Data Scientist @ Oxyma
Michiel van Gaalen Insights Director @ Oxyma
Arthur von Kriegenbergh Agile Coach @ aFrogleap
Jaap Trum Oxyma
Peter Mijnster Oxyma
Daniel van den Oord Oxyma









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